Group Counseling

Announcing a Proven Way to Relieve Your Pain and Suffering with Those Who Share Your Struggle

You Are Not Alone
Come join us and be with like-minded people who are committed to their personal and spiritual development. Relieve your pain and suffering with support from others.
Group Counseling

You will:

  • Learn to have more caring, understanding, supportive and passionate relationships
  • Learn to become more assertive
  • Reduce isolation and increase connection with others
  • Understand your relationship patterns and improve your relationships
  • Learn conflict resolutions skills
  • Receive input about the issues keeping you awake at night and causing you pain.
  • Get clear about what your wants and needs are

What People are Saying:

Initially I was very timid to join group counseling and was actually frightened because I was scared how other people would view me.  I see in group that a lot of people share the same problems that I have and that I’m not alone.  It’s been a very positive experience for me and I am learning how to deal with the pain in life in a much more positive way.

David C.

This (counseling group) is for deep learning and deep healing. I could not have made the changes that I have made, especially in my relationship with my wife, without it and without you all. Being in it has been invaluable.

- Kevin D., Retired Fireman, FDNY

Call Jeff Schneider, L.C.S.W. at 845-255-4175 to receive more information