Program Modules

Below is a more descriptive outline of each of the six modules in the Relationship Success Solutions Program.

Module I-Define Your Loving Passionate Relationship

By clearly defining your goals and vision for how you’d like your life and relationship to be you are more likely to create it, live it and enjoy it.

In this module you are going to:

  • Create a clear vision of your goals so that you can see it and create it.
  • Identify the action steps to attain your vision.
  • Set a manageable yet challenging time frame to meet your goals.

Module II-Your Must Have List

By clearly defining what you really want and need in your relationship and by determining WHY you want these you will be much more likely to have the satisfaction, pleasure and joy of having your needs and wants met.

In this module you are going to:

  • Identify your most important wants and needs
  • Reflect on your WHY-what will you get if your wants and needs are met?
  • Identify what you simply cannot tolerate

Module III-Crystal Clear Communication

By communicating clearly, directly, assertively and honestly you will be heard, resolve conflict effectively, get more attention and enhance passion and sex.

In this module you are going to:

  • Identify 5 words (worse than curse words) that keep you in conflict and struggle
  • Learn how to communicate in ways that get your needs & wants met
  • Learn a structured style of communication to interrupt volatility and to effectively manage and resolve conflict

Module IV-Show Me the Love

By knowing the traits, characteristics and behaviors of a healthy relationship you will create and sustain trust, love, support, caring, intimacy and passion.

In this module you are going to:

  • Identify what makes a healthy relationship
  • Identify what makes an unhealthy (and abusive) relationship
  • Review an A-Z list of healthy relationship traits

Module V-You’re Not Crazy-Men and Women Really Are From Different Planets

By understanding that there are major differences with how men and women (and between those in a same sex relationship), think, feel and communicate you will have greater acceptance, compassion and ease.

In this module you are going to:

  • Learn many differences between men and women
  • Understand how these differences can complement each other
  • Realize that some of your differences are not personal, they are simply gender based

Module VI-Your Sacred Spiritual Relationship

How to make your relationship a sacred experience filled with gratitude, acceptance, inner peace, serenity and appreciation.

In this module you are going to:

  • Learn over 20 ways to infuse your relationship with spirituality
  • Identify and focus on things you are grateful for
  • Express appreciation for yourself and your partner