Relationship Success Program

Three Month Relationship Success Solutions Program
immediate practical and spiritual steps for your loving relationship

Below you will find benefits and features of my three month Relationship Success Solutions program as well as a description of the program modules. This program is designed to help you improve your communication and your ability to resolve conflict, which will likely result in more caring, understanding, support and passion in your relationship and in your life.

Participate and Receive:

  • Answers to your most pressing questions about relationships
  • Proven strategies for resolving conflict
  • Clear and powerful actions steps to improve your communications
  • Inspiration and motivation to enhance the passion in your relationship
  • Guidance to create the relationship that you deserve

It is time to stop suffering in your relationship. Finally find the solutions that you’ve been looking for – some very practical and loving steps to bring more joy, support, passion and excitement to your relationship.

Features of the Program:

  • One study module every other week leads you to a caring, understanding, supportive and passionate relationship
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) comprehensive training manual
  • Guide to transform your relationship from overwhelm and conflict to satisfaction and excitement
  • Guide to transform stress, depression and anxiety to ease and happiness
  • Guide to infuse your relationship with appreciation and spirituality
  • Written exercises to identify and clarify wants, needs and expectations: realistic vs. unrealistic
  • Written exercises to clarify personal and relationship goals.

Program Modules: (click on each module title for a full description)

Module I: Define Your Loving Passionate Relationship

By clearly defining your goals and vision for how you’d like your life and relationship to be you are more likely to create it, live it and enjoy it.

Module II: Your Must Have List

By clearly defining what you really want and need in your relationship and by determining WHY you want these you will be much more likely to have the satisfaction, pleasure and joy of having your needs and wants met.

Module III: Crystal Clear Communication

By communicating clearly, directly, assertively and honestly you will be heard, resolve conflict effectively, get more attention and enhance passion and sex.

Module IV: Show Me the Love

By knowing the traits, characteristics and behaviors of a healthy relationship you will create and sustain trust, love, support, caring, intimacy and passion.

Module V: You’re Not Crazy-Men and Women Really Are From Different Planets

By understanding that there are major differences with how men and women (and between those in a same sex relationship), think, feel and communicate you will have greater acceptance, compassion and ease.

Module VI: Your Sacred Spiritual Relationship

How to make your relationship a sacred experience filled with gratitude, acceptance, inner peace, serenity and appreciation.